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Lost at sea?

Life has a way of presenting us with change when we least expect it. A decline in health, a shift in career, or a significant personal upheaval can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about our ability to cope.

Lifebuoy on a stormy sea

You're not alone if you're facing a situation that feels insurmountable right now. There are ways to move through these difficult times.

Here are three actions you can take to help you cope when life feels stormy:

Acknowledge how you feel

When facing a change in life, it's natural to experience all kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions. You might feel scared, angry, sad or even numb. You might worry that you won’t be able to cope and feel there’s nothing you can do.

If you notice that you’re feeling stirred up by change, try to identify your thoughts and feelings. What's with you? Without judging those thoughts as good or bad, helpful or unhelpful, or trying to change them.

Set aside a few minutes each day to check in with yourself. Ask, "How am I feeling right now?"

Allow yourself to experience whatever thoughts, feelings, emotions or memories are there, even if that’s difficult. Remember that everything you’re feeling is valid.

Making room for thoughts and feelings can help you to process what’s happening so you feel less overwhelmed. It can also help you to feel greater kindness towards yourself when you acknowledge that fear, hurt or sadness is with you.

Focus on the things you can change – and not the things you can’t

Life changes often come with many unknowns. Unknowns can fuel worry and create a sense of helplessness.

You can't control everything but there are always aspects of your life where you do have influence.

When faced with a difficult change, make a list of things within your control related to your situation. This might include your day-to-day routine, how you respond to others or small steps you can take towards adapting to what’s happening right now.

By shifting your focus to these areas, you’ll be more able to recognise that you do have some agency and you’ll feel more confident in your ability to manage the change.

Dropping anchor

During times of change, we can feel like we’re being pulled around by stress and worry, like ships in a stormy sea.

Just as boats do when there’s a storm, we can practice ‘dropping anchor’ to steady ourselves until the waves die back down.

Remember that coping with life changes is a process. Be patient and kind to yourself as the change unfolds.

Reach out for support if you're struggling to cope. You don't have to navigate this journey alone.

I warmly invite you to book a free 30-minute introductory call. You can click here to book an appointment.

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