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Meet Cathy

Many years ago, I developed a long-term health condition that affected my physical and mental wellbeing. You can read more about my experiences here

Life was a struggle and I often felt lost and stuck. Over time, I began to recognise that I might be able to manage the impact of what was happening in a different way.


I decided to take action and began a period of self-recovery. It wasn’t easy but after a while, life felt lighter. I began to feel more like the ‘me’ I wanted to be.

My confidence and sense of self grew. I began to live well with my challenges rather than feeling like I was always struggling with them.

My passion for coaching was ignited by the change in perspective and wellbeing that came from my own self-development. I knew I wanted to support others to do the same and help them create a life they truly desired.


I went on to complete a formal coaching qualification accredited by the Association of Coaching, the National Council of Psychotherapists and the UK Health Coaches Association. To read more about my specialist coaching and therapeutic training, you can check out my qualifications and professional memberships below.

Some coaches will try and convince you that there's a quick fix for how you're feeling and that their results will be life-changing. It’s certainly true that coaching can be life-changing but through my lived experience, I know that there aren’t any short-cuts or silver bullets to changing your life. 

Lasting change comes when we take action and commit to doing things in a different way. I can support you to do that and help you move towards a brighter future.


I'm excited to begin the process of change with you.

Professional life coach Cathy Eden


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“Being coached has been such a holding, supportive and beneficial experience for me. It's helped support me through such a big transition in my life and has enabled me to sustain and gain momentum as well as keep up the belief in myself."
"Coaching gave me support and reassurance. Cathy has helped me feel much more confident.


Enjoy my life much more and continue with my weekly plans.


Empowering - really enjoyed my time with you it was very valuable and I felt comfortable being open and honest, thank you."

“Thank you Cathy, it has been just what I needed at this time in my life. You were sensitive and able to interpret my stream of conscious explanations and present them back to me clearly. It’s been eye opening and I’m so grateful.”
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My credentials


Professional qualifications

Diploma in Resilience Coaching Skills (Association for Coaching accredited course)
Certificate in Counselling Skills


Other professional training

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
ACT coaching
ACT for physical health problems inc. chronic pain and chronic illness
Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace
Peer Support (NHS)
Mental Health First Aid


Professional memberships

Member of the Association for Coaching
Member of the Association for Contextual  Behavioural Science
Feel Good Norfolk

Challenges I have worked with

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