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Long term condition coaching

I offer specialist coaching support for people who are finding it hard to adjust to long term health conditions or other changes in health.


I was called to coach people with long term health conditions because of my own experiences of living with a chronic condition over the past 30 years. You can read more about my story here.

I know from my own experiences, that people can suffer deeply when they have a change in health. A feeling of struggle can arise from both the physical changes that have taken place and from thoughts we may have about what has happened - and what might happen in the future.​

I have a true understanding of how changes in our bodies can significantly impact our physical and emotional wellbeing. I also know what a big step it can be to ask for help because I've been there too. 

I help people who want to:

  • find acceptance and self-compassion so they can live a more satisfying, hopeful life - with or without ongoing symptoms;

  • better manage difficult thoughts and feelings about their diagnosis, symptoms and treatment; 

  • find accountability, motivation and support to make important life changes;

  • develop helpful coping skills to manage flare-ups and times of difficulty;

  • set goals to help get unstuck and move towards what matters to them in life.

I'm in integrative life coach and I use a blend of traditional coaching tools alongside effective, action-orientated therapy approaches. These include mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I'm trauma-informed and I am in regular supervision.

If you'd like to meet in-person, I work from Treat Health and Wellbeing Clinic on Lawson Road in Norwich, Norfolk on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I also offer appointments over Zoom and telephone at other times. 

Before beginning coaching, I warmly invite you to book a complimentary introductory call.

We can meet either by phone or via Zoom. During the call, we'll get to know each other, talk about what it is you'd like to work on and you can ask any questions you may have.



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I’d recently had a change in health and was looking at ways to move forward after treatment. 

Lots of benefits. I’d say the main stand outs are understanding my own hooks and responses, recognising my feelings when they arise and having the tools to accept them, especially difficult feelings.


Also having positive steps to move forward, which are simple and manageable.


I’m able to recognise when my thoughts are becoming overwhelming and using the meditations at these points. I’m also planning activities and prioritising the things I care about."

"I suffered with a chronic health condition and needed some guidance on coping with the emotions that this brought up.

My toolbox of strategies for dealing with emotions in the present moment has expanded. Also Cathy was happy to reinforce those strategies repeatedly to help them embed.

Empowering and safe.

Thank you for your support in this chapter of my life. I am truly grateful."

I had been through a tough time with [my health] and was struggling. A friend suggested talking to you might help me to find a way forward.


The main takeaway is noticing when I’m starting to feel a certain way, and then being kind to myself, doing the things that make me focus on the things that make me happy and doing them.


Not doing things I don’t want to - understanding it’s ok to say no.


I really loved the coaching. Really helpful. Came up with solutions to things I didn’t even realise were getting me down, or stopping me from moving forward. It’s a really positive way of getting yourself out of a hole."

Challenges I have worked with

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