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Dropping anchor meditation

During times of change, we can sometimes feel like we’re being pulled around by stress and worry, like ships in a stormy sea.

Just as boats do when there’s a storm, we can ‘drop anchor’ to steady ourselves until the waves die back down.

This guided meditation can help you reduce the struggle during times of change and help you ground yourself and ride out the emotional storm.  

You might try this exercise and think “It isn’t working” as you do it. It might be that the storm doesn't feel like it's going away fast enough” or you notice that you still feel pain. Practicing 'Dropping anchor' doesn't make the storm go away but it will hold you steady until the storm passes in its own time.

If you need some extra help to support you when things are tough, I warmly invite you to book a free 30-minute introductory call. You can click here to book.

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