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Growing and blossoming

Updated: Jun 28

As I write this blog, the sun is streaming through the window. I’m noticing the difference the longer days are starting to make and it feels good to begin to uncurl from the winter months. As the world outside is starting to move into a time of growth, I find myself thinking about that too.

How about you? Are you feeling like change is in the air? What areas of your life are calling out for a spring wake-up? Try these tips to help you get started ...

Shine a light on the things that you really care about

Think about what truly matters to you. What you want to stand for in life? How might those values shape your hopes for the future?

Knowing what you care about in your work, relationships and community and how you want to be in those settings can help guide you to where you need to make meaningful changes. When you know what matters to you and what is aligned with who you really are, you might find you’re more able to live in a way that holds meaning for you – not live a life that other people tell you to have.

Set boundaries and assert your needs

Growing in to your true self is deeply linked to being able to create and uphold healthy boundaries and speak up for what you need.

Reflect on areas in your life where your boundaries could be strengthened or more clearly communicated. Remember that asserting your needs isn't only about saying no to what doesn't serve you. It’s also about saying yes to more of what you need, making room for what matters and allowing yourself to take control of the direction of your life.

Imagine your future

Think about where you want to be and the changes you’d like to see in your life. What would you like to be doing more of? Or less of?

Whether it's a work-related goal, an idea of how you’d like your relationships to be, or a change in the way that you’re living, take some time to map out the steps you’ll need to take to make that happen. If it feels like a lot has to change, break it down into more manageable steps and remember that every small step counts towards big changes.

If this sounds like what you need but you’re unsure of where to start, I'm here to support you every step of the way. Book a free 30-minute intro call and we'll start the conversation. Click here to book an appointment today.


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