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Feeling lost or uncertain about which direction to take is a shared human experience. I know because I've been there too. 

What worked for me, won’t necessarily work for you. Each person’s journey is unique. That's why I approach working with every new client with curiosity, non-judgment and a respect for your personal path. 

Here’s what some of my current and previous clients say about their coaching experience:

"I was finding it hard to balance my career and home life as a single parent. I felt completely exhausted and burnt out and wasn't sure how to move forward.


The biggest benefit from coaching has been identifying what I really want from life, what makes me motivated, inspired and happy. Also being able to look at overwhelming feelings or thought patterns, accepting them and letting them pass.


I have been building a really good daily routine that makes time for me, looking after my responsibilities and having quality family time. I will definitely continue this.


I would describe coaching as like being gently guided to have a realistically close look at yourself.


I really enjoyed my coaching sessions. Cathy led the sessions with a friendly warmth, was an empathetic and compassionate listener and [helped me] take steps towards the goals I wanted to achieve. She also helped me to identify thought patterns which were holding me back and suggested helpful solutions. Thank you!"

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